Fisha 460



The Fisha 460 is the smallest and the shortest kayak in the Fisha range. Perfect for the angler wanting all the features but something a little more compact and manageable. With this awesome little kayak, we created something with great stability and not too much loss of performance. At 4,6m long it is short for our performance kayaks but still longer than most fishing kayaks on the market. This means it has some great speed when compared to your average kayak.

The kayak’s design has a large fish hatch for fish and for safe rod storage, a rear dry hatch, easy access central live well, a simple transducer fitment and access as well as incorporates a very comfortable seating position for both ease of comfort and maximum stability for long hours on the water.

The manufacturing process uses our latest technology and some hi-tech materials, the Fisha 460 is lightweight, super strong and durable while also being easy to manage.


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