Fusion 480


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The Fusion 480 is a welcomed addition to the Stealth Range. Manufactured as a part of our rotomoulded plastic kayak range we needed to add a more affordable kayak and after 18 months of research and development we are super proud of this model.
The Fusion 480 is all about maximum stability, robustness and also without sacrificing too much off the renowned Stealth speed and performance. This kayak is built using our rotomoulded technology while also using advanced processes to keep the kayak light enough yet still rigid.

The 480 has become a favorite of our market and offers an all-round kayak with maximum stability yet still ample performance. It’s well suited for complete novices to experienced anglers and everyone in between. It maintains all the favorite Stealth features (large central fish hatch, rear storage hatch, a central live well, small recess in one of the foot- wells) for easier transducer fitment.


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